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29 Oct


It makes sense that guided imagery and hypnosis would be a go-to intervention of the first order for TMJ disorders, which can go from mere unpleasantness all the way to serious debilitation.

After all, we’re talking about muscle tension, pain, swelling, tightness, aches and general discomfort around the jaw, ears, face, head and neck.

22 Oct


By 1975, a now classic University of Chicago study was in place at the Illinois Bell Telephone Company. It asked the question, who stays well and does well, in spite of high levels of stress.

To answer the question, they began following 430 supervisors, managers and executives, each year collecting questionnaires, psychological tests, interview data, performance evaluations and medical exams.

08 Oct

Oh, the Things that Drive Us Nuts at Work!

What drives us crazy at work and keeps us from being our brilliant, productive selves there?

The answers haven’t changed much over the years: sheer workload, killer deadlines, feeling undervalued, having to do dumb work, or other peoples’ work, or work that goes wasted.

03 Sep

When experts talk about the importance of self-care, my inner brat is rolling her eyes and thinking of sarcastic rejoinders… not that I have anything against self-care.

It’s because I’m thinking And when, exactly, am I supposed to be doing all this TLC on my busy, harried self? And I’m no different than most, especially when September rolls around and there's so much to do.

21 Aug


There’s an odd dynamic that happens to us when we’re close to people. We don’t always notice when they’re in serious trouble. Things we’d notice immediately about a perfect stranger don’t register on us with people we love. We just tend to make accommodations and excuses for the troubled or even weird behavior of people we care about.

13 Aug

Listen up, high school and college sports departments, rehab professionals and physiatry departments, not to mention athletes and their parents!! Here’s something to think about as various fall sports practices begin.

26 Jul


Here are some exciting findings for people who don’t get enough air – those with asthma, allergies, congestive heart failure, sarcoid, lung damage or disease – really any condition that can affect the ability to take in oxygen.

Canadian researchers have measured the impact of meditation on long term increases in efficiency for getting oxygen where it needs to go.

Up ‘til now this was hard to isolate and measure, since meditating affects breath rate anyway, and changes cardio scores.

23 Jul

On the Seabourn Wellness cruise, I heard some wonderfully rich, balanced, data-informed talks on the IM approach to autism from Dr. Sanford “Sandy” Newmark, an integrative pediatrician who’s also the head of the widely respected Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at UCSF in San Francisco.

He explained how there’s no one protocol that suits every kid with autism – each child is different and reacts to interventions differently. But the evidence is pretty clear that autism comes from some combination of genetics and environmental toxicity, and there are some things to try that can possibly make a substantial difference in symptoms and behaviors.

16 Jul


I’m still processing and sharing what I learned on the recent Seabourn Wellness Cruise to Alaska, with Andy Weil and his Magical Posse of Integrative Medicine Mavins. There was a treasure trove of great, actionable information.

The priceless advice of Dr. Victoria Maizes1 is arguably what’s stayed with me the most. One of her many areas of expertise is on practical ways of reducing environmental hazards in everyday life.

09 Jul

Hello again.

I’ll be sharing some things I learned on the Seabourn wellness cruise to Alaska that I was lucky enough to be part of, joining a remarkable team of integrative medicine docs assembled by Andy Weil.