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18 May

Well, the Sports Injury Season is truly upon us, people!

I can now smile at the memory of the hours and hours spent in the E.R. of Sibley Hospital in Washington DC with various kids – my own and my neighbor's - with their various broken and lacerated arms, legs, ankles, shoulders and noses.

We had quite a run of visits back in the day, and I'd even learned to be ferociously protective of their faces after the first couple of visits. At the first sight of a very young- looking med student approaching a kid's wrecked face with a needle, I would automatically yell, "Don't touch his face! I want a plastic surgeon down here!"

11 May

Okay, it's Mental Health Month – time for a new list! I want to talk about anxiety, because over thirty years as a therapist has convinced me that anxiety is the mother lode of a lot personal difficulty and bad behavior.

Anxiety causes people to lash out, react impulsively and jump into places and relationships they shouldn't. Nine times out of ten, anger and nasty behavior is born of anxiety, looking for a place to get released.

It's also a huge energy waster and time-sapper, preventing people from getting things done, simply because it sucks up so much time and focus. More often than not, efficient, productive people aren't any more talented or educated than others, but they're people who are unhampered by anxiety, so they get a straight shot at their goals.

I recall seeing a surprising statistic that 50% of all office visits to the doctor are due to anxiety in one form or another (as opposed to illness).

04 May

Motherhood is not for sissies.

The rewards are flat-out amazing, no question about it. But I'm not here to talk about the good parts today.

Today I want to acknowledge what a demanding, stressful, nonstop job it is. And let's face it: even if you're lucky enough to have a great partner to carry the load with you, it's still no day at the beach.
When the kids are babies, you don't get around to brushing your teeth 'til noon; you go to work with spit-up on your silk blouse; and you've learned to function (sort of) on 4 hours of sleep.

By the time they're in grade school, you've come to realize that there's no longer any such thing as a 'sick day'; you may never be caught up on anything, ever again; and you've become acclimated to the fact that you're in a constant state of worry. Sometimes, you worry about not knowing what you should be worrying about.

Your new definition of luxury involves being able to do things (eat lunch, take a bath, read the paper, talk on the phone...) without interruption.

I could go on and on, coming up with my own memories of the hard parts of motherhood (now viewed humorously through the cushiony mists of time), but you already know all this.

So this is just a salute to all the mothers everywhere, who do their best and never feel like it's good enough.

Hats off!

I hope somebody waits on you hand and foot sometime soon.

All best,

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27 Apr

Well, folks,

Now that we have our new website in place, and it seems to be clicking along, doing what it's supposed to, with shockingly few complaints, I've been looking back at how this company evolved, and all the help we got to help get guided imagery into the ears of people who could use it.

It's hard to believe it's been nearly 25 years since I was first introduced to my business partner, George Klein, and we started Health Journeys.

At the time, I'd recorded 14 guided imagery cassette tapes that focused on major illnesses or procedures (cancer, stroke, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, surgery, chemotherapy, etc etc). I'd first created some imagery for chemotherapy, requested by the oncology nurses at University Hospitals of Cleveland for patients in the waiting room.

20 Apr

Harriette Rovner-Ferguson, LCSW, is a gifted psychotherapist with a private practice in Smithtown, NY, where one of her specialty areas is fertility. In fact, she's been treating patients trying to get themselves pregnant for over 20 years now. Harriette was one of the clinical experts who provided input to Belleruth when she was writing the narrative for her Help with Fertility guided imagery audio program.

Here, Harriet recounts how guided imagery helped one of her clients recalibrate her attitude and sense of self after struggling with a sense of failure that was threatening to take over her whole identity. Some of the identifying details have been changed to protect this client's privacy.

12 Apr

Our new landing page is here! We honestly thought we’d be up and running with it last week, but glitches were found, incoherent text needed rewriting, screen sizing issues made right and other tech anomalies set straight.  Check it out! Let us know what you think. We’re going to need to rely on your feedback to fix whatever else we missed.

Infertility Awareness Week is coming up next week, and a terrific parenting blog called My Baba posted a short piece I put together on how to handle all the associated stress, pressure, disappointment and distress that shows up when facing this challenge. I also wanted to make the point that, some of the things people do to manage the stress may also improve their fertility outcomes. Either way, it's a good idea to adopt some of these tips, and I offer seven of them.

If you think it could be useful, please pass this along to any friends, bloggers or organizations that might be interested. It's at

Oh, and dare I say, Happy Spring? Hope so. I believe we may be done with the snow in Northeast Ohio. But, as with our long anticipated landing page, you just never know...

All best,

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05 Apr

Well, after a lot of testing, discussion, teeth-gnashing, pondering and data analysis, it became pretty clear that we needed to have a more user-friendly Health Journeys landing page.

You may remember that about 6 months ago we'd begun a whole, new initiative, to try and introduce guided imagery to a fresh array of people who don't have a clue what it is or what it can do for them.

So, thanks to some changes in search engine optimization and ad words and a lot of back end analysis, we've now got a ton of new people visiting our site for the first time. But a substantial proportion are unable to figure out how to navigate our pages, and end up wandering around in circles, like the Hebrews in the desert, although not for forty years.

We think we've got an improved design, less complicated and more explanatory of mind-body techniques and guided imagery for the newbies, but who knows? We'll be launching it as soon as we work out the few remaining bugs.

But we'll be heavily dependent on feedback from you all, as to whether this new landing page and navigation system is user friendly or not. So please, do not hold back! When this thing goes live, and you've got a few minutes, please tell us, not just if it works for you, but, if you can imagine being somebody who knows nothing about guided imagery, and if it would work for you as well.

Thanks as always for keeping us straight and true.

All best,

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30 Mar

Well, after going through nearly 200 responses – from our blog, Facebook and an avalanche of emails – to the question about how people felt about our affirmation line that says, "I know I am held in the hands of God and I am perfectly, utterly safe", we learned that we'd underestimated the number of people – survivors of childhood trauma especially – who felt surprised, distressed, betrayed and sandbagged by that line.

Many trauma survivors reported that they felt hearing that line undid the good that the audio program was doing for them, and sent them back to a very dark place that was all too familiar. Where was God when I was being molested? is pretty much where their thinking went. Some just didn't care for the line but were able to ignore it.

23 Mar

Hello again.

I recently had a conversation with the father of a 16-year-old, high school sophomore. He told me his son Michael has been suffering from the after effects of a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) since a collision with another kid at pre-season football practice last August. It's been a slow, frustrating recovery for Michael, and there are repercussions on the whole family.

What's been hardest on him, the dad says, is the nonstop headaches, fatigue and mental confusion. Michael has trouble remembering things, focusing his attention, making even simple decisions and organizing his daily tasks. He's slower at everything, and of course that affects his confidence. And sometimes he gets so dizzy, he becomes nauseated – that's about as pleasant as being seasick.

16 Mar

I need to check in with you on a hot issue that resurfaces for us now and then. Here it is: On many of our audios, there's a line toward the end of our affirmations segment that says, "I know I am held in the hands of God, and I am perfectly, utterly safe."

In the feedback we get, this is the line most often mentioned as especially comforting, meaningful and reassuring, and we get a lot of grateful thank you's for it – even from people who had terrible things happen to them when they were kids, who never felt safe growing up.