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18 Jun

 Every week, we get questions from far and wide about our guided imagery - how it works, who can use it, how much time it takes, etc.  So, today we've dedicated our weekly update to answering some of the most popular and frequently asked questions we get via phone, social media, ask BR, or carrier pigeon....

29 May


We’re very excited to be bringing back to our recording studio the brilliant health psychologist and hypnotherapist, Dr. Carol Ginandes. We’ve managed to seduce her away from her teaching perch at Harvard to record two new audio programs for us – one for people with Tinnitus and one for those with TMJ or temperomandibular joint disorder.

14 May


So, what is a Playaway, anyway? We get this question at least a couple times a week, sometimes a lot more.

07 May


I didn’t know what I was doing was called Guided Imagery at the time, but I first experienced it during some childbirth education classes I attended with my husband when we were expecting our first baby.

It was 1970, and people were very intense about what was referred to in hushed, reverent tones as Natural Childbirth. We joined the ranks of loony expectant parents who trained like Olympians for the perfect, medication-free delivery. 

30 Apr


As Mother’s Day approaches, I’m remembering one godawful Mother’s Day when I was 9 and my big sister was 11. We forgot to get our mother a present, and she went nuts, storming into her bedroom and slamming the door after an eruption of angry weeping and ranting.

23 Apr


Put a headset that’s playing some guided imagery on the super-receptive little ears of a first grader, and you’re giving that kid the gift that keeps on giving for the rest of his or her days.

16 Apr


Parkinson’s Disease gets mentioned a lot in April – it’s the month that highlights awareness of this challenging condition and its treatment. As with many neurodegenerative illnesses, there’s currently no “cure” - just ways to slow down its progress, build up compensatory strengths, alleviate symptoms, and improve quality of life.

02 Apr


Hello, again. I’m very much looking forward to talking about guided imagery at the very first Inova Integrative & Functional Medicine Conference, in the DC Area.

31 Mar


Hello again. My son Aaron found Emily McDowell’s Empathy Cards online and showed them to me. They’re to send to people with cancer. I read a few, and it immediately hit me: there’s been a sea change in attitudes about cancer.

27 Mar


The central insult of posttraumatic stress is the sense of helplessness it engenders. Powerlessness is the thread that runs through every traumatized response, whether it’s from a car accident, family violence, a hurricane, or a school massacre…