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08 Feb

Hello, again. Hard to believe Valentine's Day has snuck up on us once again, but there you have it – it's mid-February and the hype about chocolates and flowers is festooning every drug store, supermarket and big box store we find ourselves in.

So, maybe you might want to consider guided imagery as a terrific Valentine's Day gift. Because it offers some very unique and effective ways to improve, build, strengthen and repair relationships – and what could be more important than that?

01 Feb

Okay, folks! Sincere thanks for all the enlightening commentary re the phrase, "Friends with Benefits". It was a great discussion, and taught me (and those of my ilk... Ilk, you know who you are!!) a thing or two about generational differences, in the most unexpected places. I mean, really - who knew??

For those of you who are not up to speed on this brou-ha-ha, check out last week's update or the HJ page on Facebook.

So, I bow to the majority sentiment. I thank all my co-workers and friends and colleagues who knew better.

And I invite you to keep your eyes peeled this week for the (TA-DAH!)....

Health Journeys Download GO-GO Sale!!

...meaning, of course, the GIVE ONE, GET ONE sale.

As originally discussed, you'll be able to give a Health Journeys guided imagery download, and then get your own (of equal or lesser value), free.

You get rewarded for being a sport. What could be better? So stay tuned.... We should be up and running with this by mid-week.

Take care and be well!

All best,

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25 Jan

Okay, so there I was, getting my all-time, favorite, annual indulgence, which never ceases to amaze and delight – The Winter Pedicure!!! – and I notice a sign on the wall of the salon, announcing a special promotion. It said,

Get your FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS COUPON! Buy a spa treatment for a friend and get one free for yourself!!

So, I says to myself, I says, Wow! What a great idea. We want to expand our subscriber base, get the word out about guided imagery to people who don't yet know what it is, let alone that it's the cheapest, easiest, most user-friendly 'treatment' of them all – we should do something like this with our downloads!!!

18 Jan

Well, here in Northeast Ohio, winter is full-on upon us. After weeks and weeks of being spoiled by abnormally mild weather, we're suddenly negotiating ice and snow, frozen shut car doors, icy windshields, a lot of shivering, and a profound reluctance to go out and do things.

And by the Great Lakes, there's also this business of lake effect and consistently gray skies – not exactly the best thing for ebullience.

11 Jan

Hey, good people!

traci-steinI want to call your attention to a smart, insightful, practical and downright useful article by Traci Stein on how to avoid those ubiquitous Resolution Failures in Psychology Today entitled 10 Tips for Creating Your Healthiest Self This Year.

Her advice is right on the money about how to avoid classic self-sabotage moves and instead rig your odds in favor success. And it's a quick, enjoyable read. Really, check it out. This girl can write!

Traci is the author of a super book, The Everything Guide to Integrative Pain Management, as well as the creator of four popular and much loved Health Journeys guided meditation/self-hypnosis audios.

04 Jan

Well, happy new year, everyone!

Health Journeys is embarking on an exciting year, with many profound opportunities and initiatives in place for 2016.

I'll be spelling out many of these new projects in the weeks and months ahead. But for now, I want to tell you about a request we just got from Heather Barahmand, a retired U.S. servicewoman and gutsy humanitarian, who is heading back to Iraq through an organization named Yazda (, to help traumatized Yazidi women who escaped from ISIS captivity. Yazda gladly accepts donations and welcomes anything you can do to help spread the word about their much needed services.

As you can imagine, the women have faced unspeakable horrors. These are women and girls as young as 9, many of whom were snatched out of their villages and homes to be held captive, abused, beaten, raped, demeaned, and even sold as sex slaves to the highest bidder, often multiple times.

28 Dec

Hello again.

I was delighted to be reminded last week of all the creative ways guided imagery can be combined with other healing techniques to produce extra-potent results.

A note from a licensed massage therapist at a rehab facility for neurological disorders and injuries in New York told of how she played targeted guided imagery during her aromatherapy massages, and how effective it was for most of her clients. She calls her newly minted program "Meditative Massage".

14 Dec

Hey, everyone.

I hate to add to the wheedling, seducing, shouting chorus of retailers claiming your attention with their special holiday discounts, bodacious bundles and promises of whiz-bang delivery... I really do. I'm drowning in the annoying stuff myself.

But, I gotta say it: we do happen to have just the right gifts for holiday stress time, and forever after – self-regulating and healing audio tools that quickly and easily teach people to better manage and maneuver their moods and their lives, during good times and bad.

So, check out our Friends and Family Sale to your right. Everything you need is there. And if you tend to dither, and can't decide what to pick, use our gift card!

Oh, and if you miss the cut-off date for ground shipping (that's Dec 17th, good people), we've got you covered with digital delivery.

All best,

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07 Dec

Hey, Good People!

At the office the other day, I overheard a call that Maggie took, when a weary, rushed woman started out ordering our Healthy Pregnancy & Successful Childbirth guided imagery for her pregnant daughter-in-law, and wound up 10 minutes later having taken care of her entire list of family and friends.

With Maggie's guidance, she was able to order gift bundles and audios with great specificity, targeting the individual needs of her loved ones. The last item she ordered was for her own tired self, to better manage her holiday stress. She got off the phone relieved and delighted, sending "smooches" to the staff.

I had to smile, because that call validated something all of us think around here: that we really do offer supremely useful, life-enhancing gifts are so much more meaningful, consequential and appreciated than your basic scarf or tie or box of cookies.

30 Nov

Well, I hope everyone had the Thanksgiving they wanted. It's a favorite holiday for many, myself included.

As Elizabeth reminded us last week, one of the great things about this holiday is the reminder to cultivate our feelings of gratitude. The benefits are pretty amazing, including a reduction of even big league depression, as demonstrated by a study of dispirited people who started keeping a gratitude log– gonzo improvement, after only a couple of weeks!

There are some great gratitude journals to be had, too, by the way. One that always gets high marks is Catherine Price's Gratitude: A Journal. But there are scores of them out there now, testifying to the growth and popularity of this practice.