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02 Mar

Master hypnotherapist, guided imagery pioneer, math and physics nerd, player of multiple musical instruments, super-athlete, and all-round polymath, Emmett Miller MD, is a man of many parts. A lot of these parts don’t normally coexist within one person.

16 Feb

Help yourself to The Lazy Man’s or Woman’s Sampler of the Latest Mind-Body Research, all pre-chewed and digested for busy people, and then slenderized into a mere sentence or two, with a citation if you want to learn more.

12 Mar

As you may have noticed, the Health Journeys label has been expanding its list of authors and practitioners. One category I’ve been eager to expand is mind-body tools for anxiety.

26 Feb

We had the best time re-engineering and re-mixing Emmett Miller’s superb hypnotic guided imagery for Relieving Pain.  I can’t wait for you to hear it!  
05 Feb

How does Sally wake up knowing her beloved Grampa in Chicago has just died, even though the phone hasn’t rung, and she’s in Boston?

 Why does the same idea or invention pop up simultaneously in several parts of the world, without any overt collaboration?

23 Jan

Well, Traci Stein has done it again. I’m proud to announce the release of her extraordinary meditations for Letting Go of Unhealthy Relationships – some wonderfully effective immersive exercises to help people turn away from unhealthy relationships and those people in their lives who suck the life right out of them...

18 Jan

"Yoga sages from long ago figured out a systematic way to reliably relieve tension, layer after layer, to reveal an inborn sense of unconditional peace and joy that’s within all of us."--Julie Lusk

08 Jan

High Blood Pressure is nicknamed “the silent killer” for good reason: you can have it and not know it’s there, while it gets busy wreaking havoc on your arteries.

05 Jan

Well, there goes another year, People! G’bye 2017, and Greetings, 2018.

31 Dec

We have the guided imagery solution practitioners have been waiting for--low-cost streaming pages, for practices of one therapist or many..