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25 Sep

            “The Only Thing that is Constant is Change”—Heraclitus
The leaves are changing colors, the weather is changing, our attitudes, moods and cells are changing. . . 

18 Sep

            My friend Doug told his doctor about his disappointment with their last visit, when this physician never looked him in the eye….

18 Sep

            If someone tells you that visualizing minimal damage to your house will make you feel better during a hurricane, don't believe it...

18 Sep

More veterans will have access to guided imagery, meditation and other powerful, portable mind-body interventions, as of August 8, 2017….

18 Sep

Listeners to mind-body recordings like to have some choice on what they’re listening to. More than five options can get overwhelming.  Two is too few. The sweet spot appears to be 3- 5…..  

18 Sep

Guided imagery and many kinds of guided meditation are passive activities. All you need to do is press PLAY and immersive, hypnotic words and the music will carry you. Mindfulness, however, is an active discipline that asks things of us…..

18 Sep

A RAND survey found that 83% of military treatment facilities offer services like relaxation therapy, acupuncture, guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation, and chiropractic…

07 Aug

Even if parents are thrilled to have their kids up early and out of the house for a reliable chunk of the day, back-to-school time can still be pretty stressful….  
Is it my imagination, or is back-to-school time getting earlier and earlier?

26 Jul

Well, it’s finally the week we’ve been anxiously awaiting … Moving Week.   

Apparently, we’ve chosen one of the biggest moving weeks of the entire year.  And, rightfully so!

21 Jul

Akron, Ohio has been good to us for more than 18 years. We’ve evolved and blossomed, made friends and fond memories, but it’s time for Health Journeys to go home.