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27 Jun

Well, folks,

They’re here at last – Julie Lusk’s much anticipated and long-awaited new audio programs! Her Yoga Nidra: Guided Meditations for Relaxation and Renewal, explains Yoga Nidra is a form of deep, restorative relaxation that opens mind, body and spirit to powerful healing and intuitive mind-states.

Julie provides clear step-by-step guidance, using body positioning, breathing techniques, intention setting, guided imagery, mindful awareness and insight meditation, taking her listeners deeper and deeper into a state of profound relaxation that renews and restores all the weary places. I swear, even while I was working on edits, it sneaked up on me and did its magic!

20 Jun

The other night, I was seated at a supper party with a woman who was very quiet, still grieving the loss of her mother, who had died only a few months earlier.

With some effort, she explained that this was why she didn’t feel like talking, and certainly not the small talk at the table.

I told her about a woman from my D.C. practice, decades ago, who taught me a lot about grief. She was a cranky, sarcastic curmudgeon of a senior citizen, who used to complain about her exasperating idiot of a husband. Then he died suddenly of a stroke. 

13 Jun

This story by Sarah Barlow tells of watching some young soldiers help a little girl at the Atlanta airport. It first appeared on the Welcome Home blog. Warning: this tale necessitates a Tear Jerker Alert. Okay, you’ve been warned. Now read on!

06 Jun

June is PTSD Awareness Month.

And if I ruled the world, the first thing I would have done on June 1st would have been to mandate that we remove the “D” from PTSD, and just call it “post traumatic stress” or PTS. Calling this syndrome a “disorder” is unfair, leading to inaccurate conclusions about the person with the symptoms. Because, here’s the thing: PTS isn’t about what’s wrong with you; It’s about what happened to you.

30 May

Well, chances are, if you’re a Dad, you’re a more engaged, involved, expressive and consequential presence in the life of your kids than your own father was. For this and everything else you do to support your family, we applaud you!  

I’ve been a very lucky dame to have known a lot of great fathers, starting with my own. He did a ton for us, but I swear, the thing that stays with me most about him, and that gave us all what I can only call steady, emotional ballast for going forward into adulthood with a modicum of confidence and comfort, was the look he used to give us kids.

Sometimes, when we were all dressed up to go somewhere, he’d just look at the three of us with an expression saturated with admiration and wonder. I’m not exaggerating. One time, forever seared into my memory, he actually turned to my mother and said, “I can’t believe I sired these three!”  Isn’t that something for a father to say? How lucky we were to have him! 

23 May

So, I bet you didn’t know May was National High Blood Pressure Education Month, eh? Very important, this blood pressure business.  It’s nicknamed “the silent killer” for good reason: you can have it and not know it’s there, while it gets busy wreaking havoc on your arteries. If you know you’ve got hypertension, you can remediate it or reduce it by making simple lifestyle changes.

16 May

I’m delighted to tell you that the new Traci Stein CDs are in the warehouse and ready to ship! So if you’ve pre-ordered any of these hard copies, they’re on their way.

We’re very proud to have these beautiful guided meditations in our Health Journeys collection. I’d been looking for some fresh mindfulness resources for some time. We were after superior writing, psychologically sophisticated content and gentle but compelling narration, and Traci really delivered the goods with Mindfulness Meditations: Finding Peace & Perspective in the Present Moment.

09 May

Well, we're in the middle of National Nurses Week and I just wanted to say a couple of things about this group of people who are responsible for us when we need help the most. Well, maybe more than a couple of things.

02 May

Listen up, college students (and those who love them)! That time of fear and loathing is nipping at your heels. Yes, finals week is almost here. So I thought I’d share a few pointers on learning, performance and test anxiety. 

High on the list of counter-productive moves for test taking are these: pulling all-nighters, overuse of caffeine and sugar, taking amphetamines to increase focus, fleeing into procrastination and distraction with social media, stopping regular exercise, and trying to ingest too much information in too short a time.

25 Apr

Hey, hello.

So, as Mother’s Day approaches, I’m reminiscing about a May morning many decades ago, when I was about 8 and my sister 11, and we forgot to get our mother a Mother’s Day present.  

My mother went absolutely nuts – I mean, totally ballistic. Where normally, when we disappointed her, we might hear her mutter a few sarcastic words under her breath, this was an all-out rant that shredded us, calling us out for the selfish, ungrateful louts we were, and leaving us mortified and guilty - my brother, who was a blameless 5 or 6, escaped her ire. She then took to her room and slammed the door. She was probably crying. 

My sister and I felt horrible. We quickly put our heads together, pooled our meager cash reserves, and walked to the drug store up the street (the only venue that was open on a Sunday). We found some low-end perfume we could afford. (We may have gotten a temporary loan from the clerk. It was a small town and people did things like that.)