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19 Jul

Practitioners are excited to report that adding guided imagery to sessions of acupuncture, Reiki and yoga instruction seems to enhance the positive results and symptom relief derived from the primary technique..
12 Jul

This week’s Inspiring Story is a wonderful letter from a trauma survivor, who talks about how imagery and some of the new, imagery-based therapies, gave her her life back, after some really bad years of terrible symptoms..
06 Jul

Say, did you know you could find a certified, impeccably trained, fully qualified practitioner of interactive guided imagery in your local area by visiting the website for The Academy for Guided Imagery..
28 Jun

Well, we’ve finally straightened out my speaking schedule, and the new dates are posted on our Events Page. For starters, I’ll be seeing quite a few of you in the Chicago area on July 13-14..
21 Jun

Cindy informs me that we’ve got our new stuff posted on the New Products page, so, as of today, you can get a preview of these terrific new goodies and order them early..
14 Jun

Now that I’m getting ready to make some new Health Journeys guided imagery, please add your ideas for which topics you’d like to see me address! Add your wishes on our discussion page ..
07 Jun

Well, my new book, Invisible Heroes: Survivors of Trauma and How They Heal, scheduled for an August 31st release, can be pre-ordered from us as a personalized, autographed copy..
01 Jun

As soon as I can free myself from a pile of heinous paperwork, I’m going to pack my car with a ton of audios and videos, sent for review, and then drive to Martha’s Vineyard, where I can spend most of June listening and looking..
24 May

Greetings, everyone! We just had a wonderful, ConferenceWorks! weekend workshop at Lake Tahoe with the new guided imagery content, Healing Journeys, about imagery for healing, creativity and change. It was a lot of fun, with a wonderful group. People did some pretty deep personal and professional work, too, needless to say.
17 May

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you this week, at the Las Vegas Hilton May 20th for the U.S. Journal Training Women’s Conference, and at the Resort at Squaw Valley at Lake Tahoe May 22-23rd for my brand new, 9 CEU workshop on imagery and healing..