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02 Feb

It’s kind of satisfying to see once more that some very expensive, high tech, Virtual Reality equipment doesn’t help people suffering from fear of flying nearly as much as a little home grown, inner-directed, guided imagery..
26 Jan

Google has taken me back 22 years, to the days when my then 5-year-old youngest son busted me (unfairly, I swear!) in the Washington Post for being a clueless mom who made insufferable lunches..
19 Jan

Say, did you know you could find a certified, impeccably trained, fully qualified practitioner of interactive guided imagery in your local area by visiting the website for The Academy for Guided Imagery..
12 Jan

The 2nd week of 2004 shows some new studies on posttraumatic stress and heart attack; the development of a new, one-stop open heart recovery unit; and imagery helping with labor & delivery..
05 Jan

Happy 2004! If any of you know of a book, audio, video or software that is an important help to trauma survivors; or even a practitioner or a website, I’d be grateful to hear about it..
29 Dec

Well, I’ve just come across a monster pile of studies on the efficacy of music therapy and guided imagery for helping patients deal with all sorts of medical procedures..
22 Dec

Happy holidays! Say, if you’re stumped for a memorable gift and running out of time, we have wonderful guided imagery gift bags for adults and kids that we can ship out for you..
15 Dec

A whole new world of powerful data on the human brain opening up, thanks to the dazzling capability of P.E.T. scans and M.R.I.s... and researchers like Bessel van der Kolk, Jon Kabat-Zinn and David Spiegel..
08 Dec

I’m really excited about the new resources we’ve just added to our catalog, including a beautiful Spa Gift Pack for adults and an adorable Kiddie Comfort Gift Pack for kids..
01 Dec

Most agree that Thanksgiving is one of the least neurotic of holidays, as it is primarily about feeling grateful, eating, and watching football. If family or friends start driving us crazy, we know we can just watch the game with greater focus..