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02 Sep

It’s heartening to look back and see that the year 2002 saw many surveys in CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) usage for specific populations – kids, rural residents, people with diabetes, health plan members….
25 Aug

Well, we had a very exciting workshop in Asheville, and now we’re getting pumped for the Clearwater, FL weekend coming up on Sept 6-7. (Click here for the complete brochure…
18 Aug

In honor of our brand, new site, we have lots of new specials - discounts on our Stress Pack and hand-picked, brand new titles geared to help with going back to school….
11 Aug

Well, folks, ... DRUM ROLL... TA-DAH... !! If all goes well, at the end of this week -- Friday, August 15th, to be exact --our new website will launch
05 Aug

When our spiffy new website launches in a week or two, we’ll be adding several more superb titles to our catalog, by primo practitioners ...
05 Aug

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18 Aug

I feel a rant coming on.  

I’ve been catching some of the commentary on traditional news outlets and social media over the tragic death of big-hearted, super-talented actor-comedian Robin Williams. It seems pretty obvious he was a great guy and a dazzling talent.  I feel for his family and friends.  It’s horrible to be left by suicide, especially when you haven’t been consulted. (I know that might sound flippant, but I mean it.)
There’s a lot of confused and simplistic messaging flying around about depression, suicide, celebrity and being a professional comic – now throw in Parkinson’s – and, much as I’m reluctant to add to this overfull conversation, I think I’ve gotta pipe up.
Robin Williams had bipolar illness. (We used to call it manic-depressive disorder). And that’s one very tough condition to manage.

Sure, he had the standard demons.  All the stuff people are writing is no doubt true.  He had the usual troubles from celebrity and fame.  He was never secure with “steady” work.  He needed to please people and make them happy, probably to his detriment.  He struggled with various addictions, probably connected to self-medicating his mood swings. He was worried about having Parkinson’s.
But the guy was bipolar.  And that defines the problem and trumps all of the above, which are no doubt contributing factors, but not the main event.