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19 Oct

As I mentioned last week, the most dangerous time for the abused partner is once she (or he) actually hits the road. That's when the offender has nothing to lose. Over 70% of the murders that happen in these relationships, happen then.

That's why it's imperative that this exit be carefully planned, highly tactical and very secret. So that's the general thrust here: be sneaky, crafty and wily – your life may depend on it.
So, this list may look totally paranoid to you – but it's not paranoia when your partner thinks they own you and feels that they have the right to retrieve you.... or worse, destroy you for committing the outrageous act of leaving them.

12 Oct

Hello. Well, here we are again, back at Domestic Violence Awareness Month. So I guess it's time to describe what it looks like. It can affect anyone. There is no one sociological profile of who this is likely to be, except that 4 times out of 5 it's a woman and she's most likely to be between the ages of 18-34.

But there is a pattern to an abusive relationship, and that's what I want to describe here, because, odd as it might sound, people don't always realize they're in one.

The sequence goes more or less like this:

First, the victim is seduced and charmed into thinking she (as I said, it's usually a she, although sometimes it's a he) is the most amazing, wonderful, special, heaven-sent person ever.

05 Oct

Hello again.

Just a reminder that Imagery International will be holding its 7th annual conference on the weekend of October 30-Nov 1st at the Vallombrosa Retreat Center in Menlo Park, CA. This meeting will also celebrate the association's 20th anniversary.

This conference offers 9 CEU contact hours for RN's, LCSW's and MFT's, focusing on the practical application of guided imagery for healing and personal growth.

It's geared for (but certainly not limited to) nurses, docs, social workers, psychologists, psychotherapists, marriage and family counselors, addiction specialists, massotherapists, pastors, teachers, hypnotherapists, yoga trainers and somatic workers.

28 Sep

Mental Illness Awareness Week is Oct 4-11th this year. That's a big topic, so we decided to focus on postpartum depression or PPD.

In keeping with this theme, we even asked a terrific PPD blogger named Kimberly to review our guided imagery for depression. You can find her conclusions here.

PPD can show up any time within the first couple of months after giving birth, and the CDC estimates that it hits about 15% of the population. And unlike the "baby blues", which can last a month or so, PPD goes deeper and sticks around longer.

21 Sep

September is TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month. Everyone here at Health Journeys salutes those coping in one way or other with this condition.

TBI's can take many forms, from brief, mild concussion, to an injury that requires a slow, arduous recovery. Sometimes it means catastrophic impairment with no end in sight.

It takes bucket loads of fortitude, resourcefulness and energy, in the patient, family and loved ones, to manage and cope with a mid-levelTBI.

14 Sep

Hello again.

I was amused and delighted to see an article about "new" techniques to reduce stress in Business Insider. Okay, so what if three out of the five methods are older than dirt? The good news is that meditation, guided imagery and yoga breathing have hit the mainstream, big time and are being touted as practical solutions to stress at work.

Actually, corporate America has long been onto the fact that work site stress breeds hypertension, depression, indigestion, panic attacks, substance abuse, and other maladies, not to mention absenteeism and sick days.

07 Sep


It's been really good to see a sudden spike in requests for guided imagery from dialysis centers all around the country. We're not sure why we're getting so much activity now – we haven't done any special outreach that I'm aware of - but our guided meditation CDs for dialysis, surgery and general medical procedures have been flying off the shelves, shipping to dialysis professionals around the nation.

Of course, if you're stuck in a big recliner, tied to a dialysis machine for 3 or more hours, there's only so much TV you can watch, reading you can do or sleep you can get. It can be dispiriting, confining and frustrating to have to depend on these treatments.

31 Aug

Well, what a kick! Last week, we hosted our first Health Journeys Hangout On Air – the topic being guided imagery and how to use it, listen to it and what are the conditions for its most effective use.

There was an especially great discussion on how to introduce guided imagery to people who aren't used to meditative techniques, not to mention the skeptical, suspicious and reluctant.

We had knowledgeable and passionate input from our terrific panelists Ann Williams, Craig Walker, Lisa Lansing, Jean Maurie Puhlman and Bob May, whose considerable collective experiences included using imagery for diabetes, surgery, combat stress, childhood trauma and rehab in the Gyrotonic studio.

It was our first sortie into this wild, new world, using a terrific platform provided by Google (who knew?). Well, I guess Elizabeth knew, because it was her idea, and she was after us to give it a try.

With Cindy as co-producer, E. also moderated the panel for us, skillfully commandeering the tech requirements (those would have stopped me cold, right there), showing panelists with varying levels of technophobia how to use the platform, doing the intros, and facilitating the conversation, after setting the whole thing up. Yikes. That had to be a ton of work and a steep learning curve. Bravissima, E and thanks to Cindy for her usual steady, behind the scenes support.

If you missed it, this hangout is now memorialized on Youtube in perpetuity, and on our HJ Youtube Channel. So if you missed it, you can still "attend".

Stay tuned! We'll be doing a lot more of these, including a special series for our professional program members. And coming up soon: We're also thinking about hosting a special hangout for vets and military to honor Veterans Day.

It's funny - some days I feel like a resentful slave to Google and its persnickety web page requirements, rules and regs. But I'm grateful for this ingenious hangout platform – it's almost as impressive as its astoundingly speedy, comprehensive search engine. When they get it right, they get it right. Again, check it out.

See you soon. Take care and be well,

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24 Aug


Before I forget, I want to remind you that Cindy's super-successful back-to-school sale ends on Sept 7th. We've got strong titles for students eager to fine-tune their learning game (- even for those not so eager, come to think about it...). Check out our guided imagery for Procrastination, Self-Confidence, ADHD, Self-Esteem and Stress Relief, to name a few topics that have been flying off the shelves lately.

And on an entirely different note, here's this announcement:

So, all you Torontonians, Ontarians, Buffalonians and North Americans, listen up! If you're in the business of therapizing, coaching, consulting, or people-influencing, and want to pump up your people/process skills to a whole 'nother level, a pretty amazing and unique training opportunity is about to show up in downtown Toronto Oct 7-9.

17 Aug

Well, it's that time of year, although it's hard to believe it's crept up so quickly. Yep, most kids will be going back to school, this week or next.

The children will be feeling separation anxiety, social anxiety and performance anxiety – and so, most likely, will their parents. Some could not possibly be separating soon enough, the blessed structure of school days coming as a godsend. Many will be feeling all of the above.

The kids will be worrying about which class they were assigned to, did they get a good teacher, are they with their friends, will this grade be really hard, will the class bully be meaner than ever, will they be able to keep up with the work, separate from home, make the team...

Parents will be facing lots of prep: the reading of instructions, purchasing school supplies, doc check-ups, shots, signing forms, getting school clothes that manage to fit the dress code and not embarrass the kid.