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Squeezers, Re-Tweets & Great Blogs

07 Dec

Hello, All.

Well, for days I was finding random Cheerios and Legos in my bed, ever since the Great Thanksgiving Squeezer Invasion of 2009.  They’re sweet reminders of my four rambunctious grandsons (and their parents too – don’t get me wrong!), ages five, five, three and two years old.  I miss them, but after a steady diet of Curious George and Word Girl (excellent content, but, frankly, just an excuse to snuggle), I confess to being eager for a little adult fiction and a smattering of world news.

Looking forward to presenting some new info in a keynote on new methods used by the military at NICABM this week – the great annual Hilton Head conference for cutting edge clinical applications.  This year, there will be a lot of info and expertise on the neuroplasticity of the brain and inflammation – two very hot topics these days, where a lot of exciting new data is pouring in.  So I’m guessing I’ll see many of you there.

And speaking of “military”, the short piece I did for Huffington Post last week: More Troops, More Rotations, More PTSD: Can Positive Psychology Save Our Soldiers? is making the rounds on scores of blogs and retweets, I’m happy to see.  It’s encouraging. I love the internet for being a great, democratic counter-weight to bureaucratic lethargy!

I’ve been finding more terrific blogs than I can mention, but I’ll name a few.  There’s the witty, wise Fat Girl’s Guide to Living blog, which has posted some great coaching on meditation from Kate Hanley.  The site is managed by three fabulous women, whom you can meet here on their Meet the Girls page.

Another bold explorer into the land of mind-body methods is Priscilla Warner, one of the authors of the bestseller, The Faith Club, who’s currently working on a new book on panic attacks.  Her blog is appropriately titled, Priscilla Warner’s Blog: Meditating My Way from Panic to Peace and it’s filled with her accrued wisdom on her gutsy journey.

Then there’s the Comfort Café, Jennifer  Louden‘s (a.k.a. The Comfort Queen) club, where the question, “What is self care?” gets tossed around by some smart people.

And there’s something called The Survivor Manual that has short, cogent, practical essays by different people on coping skills, managing stress, etc. It’s well done and easy to digest.

Adrienne Fodor’s blog has stunning visual pieces on it.  I could spend days meditating on the photography and art, along with the koan-like captions.  Check it out here.

Ahh.  So much talent, so little time!