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What The R & R Bucket List Looks Like

29 May

Well, I’m off the road at last – at least for the next few weeks – and I’m very thankful for that!  I suspect I’m getting a tad long of tooth to be running from New York to San Diego to Germany to Washington DC to Fort Sill, Oklahoma in the space of a few weeks.  I have a lot of follow-up and stuff to do, and I’ll get it done, but here’s what I’m also going to do:

  • Have lunches and dinners with friends I haven’t seen in way too long.
  • Plan some trips – for pleasure, as a garden variety tourist!
  • Hang out with my kids and grandkids.
  • Get back to regular Gyrotonic lessons.
  • Throw in some massage, accupuncture and yoga.
  • Catch up on movies.
  • Clean out closets and give away lots of stuff.
  • Drive around with the top down.
  • Stare into space.
  • Appreciate.

And in this spirit of rest, recuperation and renewal, that’s all I’ve got to say this week!!  

Wishing you all a great week… in whatever form that takes for you.

All best,

Belleruth Naparstek

Psychotherapist, author and guided imagery pioneer Belleruth Naparstek is the creator of the popular Health Journeys guided imagery audio series. Her latest book on imagery and posttraumatic stress, Invisible Heroes: Survivors of Trauma and How They Heal (Bantam Dell), won the Spirituality & Health Top 50 Books Award