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Women's Healthcare & Breast Cancer Awareness

04 Oct

Hello again.

Being as how it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I want to give a shoutout to a much loved book of wisdom and guidance - Caren Goldman’s Healing Words for the Body, Mind and Spirit - because it’s an inspiring read, and because she still gives all her proceeds to breast cancer organizations.

Each of the 101 impeccably chosen words is accompanied by a central illustrative story, inspiring quotations, and an affirmation that illustrates that word's special healing powers.  The quotes and stories are drawn from a rich variety of traditions and sources. I especially appreciate that you can pick it up and read pages of it any time, from anywhere in the book, and it will provide a lovely boost of inspiration to even the weariest chemo patient.  It makes a great gift.

I also want to wave the flag for Senator Barbara Mikulski’s (D-MD) health care amendment in the new health bill, because it guarantees access to preventive tests that save money and women’s lives, and it requires insurance companies to cover screenings at no added cost. Without this amendment, there would be no guarantee that women under 50 would be covered for mammograms, no guarantee of an annual women’s health exam that would include screenings for heart disease, and no guarantee that women would have access to this preventive care at no cost. 

As Senator Mikulski says in her own very funny, inimitable way, before this bill showed up, insurers saw being a woman as a pre-existing condition.  Now they can’t.

And at a time when the Dems are fleeing from their (not inconsiderable) accomplishments and values like deranged rats from a (perceived) sinking ship, for the sake of some hoped for gain in the mid-term elections (and when does fleeing from what you believe in ever work, anyway?), I love it that Senator Barb, as she is affectionately called in Baltimore, a social worker before she was a politician, is saying exactly what she thinks.  I wish we could have a little more of that. 

OK, take care & be well,